ENCORE: The Importance & Value of Community Engagement

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Episode Summary 
Said El Kadi had an interesting experience in the fall of 2022. He was the keynote speaker at the NESA Leadership Conference held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is a space usually reserved for the Who’s Who of educational consultants and school leaders in the international school community. This time though, they selected a student and any who were in attendance would tell you they made the right choice. Said grew up attending international schools in Cairo and Beirut and is currently in his first year as an undergraduate at Harvard University. You might’ve heard of it. In our conversation, Said talks about how it was his community involvement, not academics, that led him to where he is today and really shaped his life so far. Join me as we look at how passion and drive for change can be transformed into sustainable  policies that improve our communities, and how involving students is such an important part of shaping our desired future. 
ENCORE: The Importance & Value of Community Engagement
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