Writing For Sustainability at UWC Maastricht

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Episode Summary 
At UWC Maastricht, Grade 5 students in Ms. Melissa‘s class are engaged in a writing unit. Not so unusual on the surface, but let’s explore this in more detail. Students first read a handful of different mentor texts from blog posts on zero waste, to poems for peace, Sylvia Duckworth posters, and Jory John books.  They focused on different ways that authors try to have an impact, whether it be evoking emotions, making connections, sharing new learning, changing the reader's perspective, taking action, or making them wonder.  They then chose an issue or topic they found motivating, from bullying, to promoting kindness, to the benefits of sports and healthy living, to encouraging students to learn a new language.  They then explored different possible audiences and formats.  What would it be like if it were a poster? Or a short article featured in our parent newsletter? Some even made a powerpoint for new students, to share with them everything they need to know about their school from a student's perspective.  Ms. Melissa led several mini-lessons to try out techniques that other authors use, from changing up the page layout to repeating key words, to introducing facts in an interesting way.  The final reflection and celebration included thinking back to their intention as an author, sharing their writing with multiple students across the year 6 classrooms and seeing how it was perceived by the audience.  They also read it at their student-led conference and got their parent's feedback.  They then had to see if the audience perceived it as they intended and in the future, what might they do to make this a closer match. Listen and learn more from the students about this writing experience that empowered them to explore an issue. They cared about and share their learning with their audience about sustainability.
Writing For Sustainability at UWC Maastricht
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