Leadership Through Community Engagement At NIST

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Episode Summary
On this episode, I connect with service learning leaders Pooja, Maya, Minnie, & Poj. These young global citizens share an interest in service through the lens of unity, collaboration and humanitarianism. Listen to our conversation to hear about the multitude of options for students at NIST to engage in meaningful, impactful, and sustainable service through collaboration with diverse community partners in Thailand. We talk about the current projects and aspirations of the service clubs that they are personally involved with, as well as how they have developed as leaders through their work with their clubs and ServiceCo, a student-led organization within the school, who, among their many responsibilities, coordinate and offer leadership and oversight to the many initiatives happening across the school. How might we work together to create a culture of service within our own schools and empower students to take action for a more just equitable, joyful, and sustainable future?  Listen and be inspired.
Leadership Through Community Engagement At NIST
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