ENCORE: Leadership: More of a Network than a Food Chain

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Episode Summary
My guests on this episode are Bloomy and Mig, two seniors attending the International School of Bangkok. You might be interested in hiring them to lead your next corporate retreat. Participating in a program co-designed by Inspire Citizens along with the student-leaders themselves, they created a portrait of a leader that included skills and dispositions like empathy, critical thinking, active listening, interpersonal skills, and more. They then went through a series of workshops led by Inspire Citizens to bring this portrait to life within themselves. From there they took what they learned and applied it to their leadership roles in clubs and councils across the school. Most recently, with the support of a dedicated group of teachers at ISB, they led their own leadership workshops to build capacity within the school and empower the next student-leaders who will succeed them when they graduate. Book a call to learn more about how Inspire Citizens might support student-leaders at your school.
ENCORE: Leadership: More of a Network than a Food Chain
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