ENCORE: Tackling SDG Target 6.2 One Toilet at a Time

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Episode Summary
As we approach UN World Toilet Day this month I wanted to revisit Caity”s story. Caity and the Toilet Twinning Group (TTC) at Frankfurt International School recently received the 11th Toilet Twinning certificate for FIS and it is twinned with a toilet in South Sudan. In South Sudan, only 10% of the population has access to safely managed sanitation, according to WHO and UNICEF. Drinking dirty and contaminated water leads to water borne diseases such as cholera and other diarrheal diseases, a leading cause of death among children in the country. South Sudanese women and girls face the hardest challenge with enrolment, retention, and education completion remain low.

Caity, along with members of the TTC, ran a glitter tattoo stand at the recent Applefest. This created so much awareness about building toilets that Caity has come home with even higher numbers of bottles (another way the group fundraises). This means TTG@FIS will be able to twin more toilets for International Toilet Day on November 19th to make a difference in the lives of women, girls and communities.
ENCORE: Tackling SDG Target 6.2 One Toilet at a Time
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