Taking Action for SDG 3 in 1st Grade in Kigali, Rwanda

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Episode Summary 
On this episode, I meet Dana & Yani. At the time of recording, they were 1st grade students at the International School of Kigali, Rwanda. Their learning in class integrated SDG 3, good health and well-being. They explored the many facets of wellness, and investigated a variety of practices to improve the well-being of both themselves and their community. These students, along with their classmates, became experts, and ran workshops for older students, teachers, and the parent community to share their learning, and to highlight the importance of good health and well-being. They even share one of their favorite mindfulness practices at the end of the episode. As you listen, consider what will-being practices might be a good fit in your community.
Taking Action for SDG 3 in 1st Grade in Kigali, Rwanda
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