HelpUp - Connecting Youth with Local NGOs

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Episode Summary

Youth sometimes are thought of through the lens of a stereotype that paints a picture of screen-addicted partiers who are disconnected from local and global issues. This is certainly not the case for my guests Alex and Marta from Barcelona. They contend that many young people are passionate about global issues, and are eager and enthusiastic for opportunities to be part of the solution. As high school students, they identified a challenge for young people in getting connected with NGOs, and other organizations that lead impactful, sustainable work in our communities. They, along with their colleagues at HelpUp, decided to take action and do something about this. They have created the app, HelpUp, to connect young people with NGOs to create opportunities for meaningful volunteer work. Join me as they discuss their experience and learning as entrepreneurs, their international recognition, and their aspirations for the future. 
HelpUp - Connecting Youth with Local NGOs
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